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Posted by Niat Medhanie on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

365 project – January

I’m doing a 1-photo-every-day-for-the-entire-2015-project. Updated daily(ish) here. I also did the same thing in 2013, and it looked like this.

This is how January 2015 went down.


I find it very giving to try to do portrait-style live concert photography. To go closer and to isolate other stuff happening on stage. It’s usually a bad idea because you need a good tele (I use a Canon 70-200 2.8 L or a Canon 135 L) in horrible light. But when you nail it its worth it.

I’ve created a small collection of closeups. (Top photo: James Blakd, Øya 2013)

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The Roadtrip 2013

365 – 94 – Monsters vs Monstertruck
365 – 94 – Monsters vs Monstertruck

22 March we headed west for a roadtrip. On the menu; Seattle > San Francisco > Los Angeles > San Diego > Palm Springs > Phoenix > Sedona > Grand Canyon > Monument Valley > Bryce Canyon > Zion > Las Vegas. And a weekend in NYC on our way back home to Norway. Kinda looked like this.. Continue reading

365 – February 2013

A picture a day.. Farewell February!

365 – January 2013

A picture a day.. Farewell January!