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  • Everyday kim

    Everyday kim

    This is your life and its ending one moment at a time.

  • 2015 – DAY 1: Juletreet

    Day 1 – Thursday January 1 – Ok, going at it again. In 2013 I did a 365 project that turned out to be very giving and fun (and exhausting…). So having paused for the entire 2014, I’ll try to do the same in 2015. First up; The bokeh of a christmas-tree at Youngstorget, Oslo. (Canon 5Dmk III, Canon…

  • The 365 project

    I’ve actually tried this a few times before; 1 shot (or more..) each day for a year. I usually manage to do it, I just dont find the time and energy to post it on the internet. So, let’s try again in 2013… So, head over to all the photos. January