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  • The (almost) GRAND CIRCLE TOUR

    The (almost) GRAND CIRCLE TOUR

    Hei bloggen 🤓 In April I attended FITC Toronto, flew to Vegas, picked up some cars and headed out for the (rather intense 3 day almost..) Grand Circle Tour: Valley of fire, Zion, Bryce, Moab, Monument Valley and Horseshoe Bend. Returning via Vegas to LA. It kinda looked like this. Toronto Done with Canada, we […]

  • The Roadtrip 2014

    The Roadtrip 2014

    So it’s kind of a tradition: When winter almost become unbearable here in Norway, I lure friends to go roadtripping (last year).┬áThis years route: Denver, Austin, New Orleans, Miami with a pitstop in Toronto, Canada. And, of course, tons of detours. It looked a bit like this…

  • Roadtrip USA 2012

    In March 2012 we (me, Tom, Henrik & Marius) headed out for a Roadtrip on the westcoast of USA.