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Category: Photography

Hello, Oslo


I love to roam the streets of Oslo collecting memories, light, glass and concrete. This post will grow, showing that Oslo is more then junkies and terrible city planning.

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I find it very giving to try to do portrait-style live concert photography. To go closer and to isolate other stuff happening on stage. It’s usually a bad idea because you need a good tele (I use a Canon 70-200 2.8 L or a Canon 135 L) in horrible light. But when you nail it its worth it.

I’ve created a small collection of closeups. (Top photo: James Blake, Øya 2013)

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The Roadtrip 2014

So it’s kind of a tradition: When winter almost become unbearable here in Norway, I lure friends to go roadtripping (last year). This years route: Denver, Austin, New Orleans, Miami with a pitstop in Toronto, Canada. And, of course, tons of detours. It looked a bit like this…

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