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Category: Photography

Absolute Music 101

So, do you actually need a photographer sweating way through the photo-pit at a concert? With tons of lenses and dumb, huge cameras? Or could you just use your iPhone-thingy?

And why are lots of international megastars™ insisting on arranging the worst working conditions for photographers? Limiting shooting time to a minute, positions over hundreds of meters away. On the side. And in pitch dark? Why these restrictions? We only want you to look good.

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A 2016 in pictures

2016. Year of the monkey. Fire monkey! Every year I try to sum up what I’ve done with photographs. I do shoot lots and lots of photos during the year – mostly architecture, music and portraits, but also lots of random stuff that usually ends up polluting my Instagram and Tumblr. Random stuff with no purpose is usually whats most fun with photography and what pushes me to do new fun stuff. Anwyay, 2015 looked like this, and this year I’ve collected a photo for every week in 2016. In *no* order what so ever.

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