Absolute Music 101

So, do you actually need a photographer sweating way through the photo-pit at a concert? With tons of lenses and dumb, huge cameras? Or could you just use your iPhone-thingy? And why are lots of international megastars™ insisting on arranging the worst working conditions for photographers? Limiting shooting time to a minute, positions over hundreds… Continue reading Absolute Music 101

January 2017

Kuggen, Gothenburg Sweden

January 2017. Good riddance. Goodbye. Monthly summary #1/12


Bjarte Tjøstheim / Presten

Presten, TV series with Bjarte Tjøstheim

A 2016 in pictures

Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

2016. Year of the monkey. Fire monkey! Every year I try to sum up what I’ve done with photographs. I do shoot lots and lots of photos during the year – mostly architecture, music and portraits, but also lots of random stuff that usually ends up polluting my Instagram and Tumblr. Random stuff with no… Continue reading A 2016 in pictures

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Oslo Dark City The partial or total absence of light.